Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractors look at the underlying issues, not just the surface symptoms.

Our ability to keep stress in check dictates our internal health.

When we get bombarded with different forms of physical, biochemical, and psychological stress on a daily basis, it puts more demand on our nervous system to learn and adapt.

When we lose our ability to adapt, then our body’s function starts to decline. It is at this point where we start to feel the effects of a poorly adaptive system. You could feel symptoms such as pain and tension, lethargy, poor sleep, and headaches. If left uncared for, your body may develop poor neuromuscular patterning due to compensation, which could lead to constant pain, tendonosis, and degenerative joints.

Here at Anders Victoria Chiropractic, we use a 3-scan technology, which allows us to look deeper and determine what your current stress level is and how it may be affecting your system as a whole. A customized treatment plan will be given to help you feel and function at more optimal levels.

We will take this information on your current adaptive stress levels and marry it with a focused biomechanical exam to deliver you the best possible care.

A Chiropractic adjustment may include a gentle manual mobilization of joints in the spine, Instrument assisted adjustments (Torque Release, Activator), SOT Blocking, and Drop Table assisted adjustments.

We also adjust infants, toddlers and children. Often an adjustment for infants and toddlers are with a light sustained pressure (like testing the ripeness of a tomato), or with the use of an instrument, which delivers a gentle thrusting impulse into the stressed portion of the spine.


Adult New Patient Consultation + Adjustment – $90
Child New Patient Consultation + Adjustment – $80

Adult adjustment = $50
Student / Child 13+ = $40
Children aged 0-12 = $35

Nutritional Support and Supplements:

Our clinic supplies the best quality supplements from Douglas Laboratories, Metagenics, and Innotech Nutrition Solutions.  Supplements for basic health and wellness are often available to purchase in the clinic.  If a specialized product is required we would be glad to order it in for you!

Young Living Essential Oils:

Dr. Andrea is a supplier of Young Living Essential Oils and our clinic is able to order in customized oils for your needs.  Young Living Oils are one of the highest quality essential oils available and can be used to support a number of ailments.