Chiropractors look at the underlying issues, not just the surface symptoms.

An average adult will take near 10,000 steps per day.

If there is a biomechanical fault within your foot, or in your gait, then it could have profound effects on your body.

It can lead to different ailments such as:

  • plantar Fasciitis
  • General or localized foot pain
  • Ankle, Knee, Hip, and Low back pain with altered biomechanics.

At the office you can get fitted with custom-made orthotics.  The process is made simple by using The Orthotic Group’s Gait Scanning technology, which will assess weight distribution and pressure on the feet in a static posture.  It also has a dynamic setting, which lets you walk across the gait-plate to determine pressure and weight distribution through your stride, as well as the amount of supination or pronation you undergo. Our third step is to create foam casts of your foot in a neutral position, which allows for an even more accurate custom made orthotic.

Check your insurance plan…

…because custom-made foot orthotics are generally accepted to be claimed!  They often require a medical doctor’s note, and biomechanical exam (done in-house by either Dr. Corey or Dr. Andrea).